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Conscious use of waste for a sustainable world and future makes it important to develop emergency action plans for both the environment and the climate. Based on these considerations, we want to contribute to education as a green practice by obtaining organic and root dyes from the biological wastes of the food consumed in our schools. In addition, solid wastes are planned to be recycled into useful products within the activities of our project. Thus, the desire to produce a remarkable solution and develop a useful model in our partnership to the universal problem, which has been discussed on international platforms for years and for which strategies for solution production have been developed, is our main motivation for creating this outstanding project. With our project, a conscious consumer culture will be developed and transferred to the next generations. Thus, the sustainable impact of our project will be transferred from generation to generation. In summary, we think that our belief in this path, which is aimed at raising awareness about biological/industrial products that are consumed unconsciously today, and conscious individuals for a livable world, is the main factor in the financing of our project. The participants’ creation of creative products with waste will bring extraordinary awareness to the conceptual dimension of modern art. Art is neither pleasure, consolation, nor entertainment. Art is a sublime business. Art is an organ that transfers conscious knowledge in human life to emotions. Here, in this project, we aim to reshape the knowledge that the world’s resources are limited, by transforming biological and solid wastes into useful products through art and technology, instead of leaving them to nature. Based on the motto of "A Healthy Future Will Come With Recycling", we wanted to save our future by recycling our waste and to attract everyone’s attention with our extraordinary project outputs and events.